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    • Talent is the focal point for high end CG production. To the delight of game developers; animation studios and visual effects producers, AIGA has deciphered what it takes to create the optimal artistic and technical core - preparing talent for tomorrow's jobs. They have been considerate of industry needs as well as those of aspiring artists and technicians - training by veterans; appropriate learning environments [both virtual and physical]; syllabus and specific discipline-wise pedagogy are a part of their successful recipe....Technicolor India has had some very good recruits from AIGA.
      –Biren Ghose
      Country Head- Technicolor India and President, ABAI
    • AIGA's game art course is run by very seasoned chaps. Joshi Mark and Shailesh Watsa headed our art studio from 1999 - 2007, so they know what's needed in production teams. Over the last few years we have hired many from AIGA and those guys have indeed contributed to several AAA games. I rate them the best game art course in India currently. The key is for industry and academia to work closely. They need to constantly update their courses to meet industry needs, and they cannot do that without our support.
      – Rajesh Rao
      CEO, Dhruva Interactive
    • AIGA students have succeeded with us due to their strong art skills coupled with game art knowledge, I don't see any other course that prepares students so well for the challenges in the game industry.
      -Mukund Rao
      Studio head, Dhruva Interactive
    • AIGA is one of it's kind institute who understand the needs of the industry very well and have the ability to deliver high quality education to its students. We have had a very good success with AIGA with 30% of our hiring being met with students passing out from AIGA consistently for last two and half years. We continue to work closely with AIGA team to support their initiative and improve overall quality of gaming education. It's a good step towards industry and education system working in tandem to create gaming as a career by choice, not by chance.
      –Raju Patil
      Director of Operations, Dhruva Interactive
    • AIGA is one of its kind game development education provider in India. I'm really happy that finally there is an institute that focuses on developing student's core skills. I was fortunate to interact with AIGA's core team as well as some of their students and was very pleased to see solid discipline and quality training.
      -Sumit Mehra
      Executive Producer at Zynga
    • Online Games has an amazing business potential in India. Creating games at Indian costs and then owning the IP and leveraging advertising and licensing opportunities in the developed economies is a hugely successful business model. Across the world, 1 out of 2 people on the web play an online game, and India can take pole position in this business, with the support of AIGA.
      - Alok Kejriwal
      CEO and Co-Founder of
    • AIGA is one of the most selective and quality oriented institutions in the industry. We like recruiting from them, and always support their excellent management and faculty in any way possible. AIGA's alumni are working on cutting edge global projects for us.
      -Jai Natarajan
      CEO and Co-founder at Xentrix Studios
    • AIGA is one of the best institute for game art in India. Quality being high, students graduating from AIGA are able to join game studios across India seamlessly and share their knowledge towards some great projects. This speaks about AIGA being disciplined, dedicated and determined as an institution in the Games industry and is extensively coupled with the big boys. AIGA is my first call for any game art related hiring.
      -Maltesh Mattennavar
      RockstarGames Dedicated Unit

News & Events

January – 2014

Orientation: Game Art
Batch of Professional Diploma for Game Art and Digital Art & Animation commenced with their Orientation on January 22nd. 2014 with a variety of students which Aiga Holds from across .. Read more


    AIGA is delighted to offer the 'BFA in Digital Design' as an 'In-service' option to professionals from the Animation, VFX and Games industry. The In-service degree has been structured keeping in mind needs and aspirations of working professionals, who are creatively skilled and have been in the AVGC industry for several years, yet do not hold an appropriate educational qualification. The In-service degree recognizes professional experience and awards an advanced standing into the degree program, BFA in Digital Design.

    The program aims to strengthen professionals with much needed skills that would in turn help them perform better within the work environment. The program also covers higher level modules that impart training related to professional work. Candidates aspiring to undertake this program....


    BFA IN DIGITAL DESIGN (3 Year Bachelors Degree) is a well rounded specialised curriculum, built in consultation with academic and senior professionals from leading Studios. The program has a good blend between academic and professional modules, including production workflows and processes.
    The BFA program offers options to specialise in Gaming, Animation or Computer graphics.

    • Designed for passionate 'beginners' who would like to develop a career in any one of the digital art specialisations.

    • Options are available for 'in Service candidates' from the industry, who would like to pursue a degree while they continue working.

    • AIGA alumni who are working in the Industry can benefit from advance standing options, again while they continue to work.


    The Professional Diploma in Game Art is a fast paced professional program structured to impart the right knowledge and skill needed to match work and quality expectations of the Games Industry. Further to teaching Game Art core modules, the program allows students to specialise in their area of interest, thereby enhancing their knowledge, skill and quality of work to an advanced level.

    Successful graduates of the Professional Diploma are well rounded in their knowledge and skill, on par with the International Games Industry.


    The Diploma in Game Art exposes students to various aspects of Game Art development. It consists of modules that are essential for any Game artist. Starting from foundation modules that expose students to Industry relevant software, to enhancing their art skills, it provides a robust exposure and learning to each student and prepares them to take up further specialization studies.


    The Game Programming Diploma has been structured thoughtfully to have the right mix between 2D and 3D game programming, keeping in mind current trends and needs of the Games Industry.

    HTML5 games are all the rage these days. With our 2D game programming modules, learn how to make 2D games using Javascript and HTML5. In addition, if you ever wished to make 3D computer games with a good understanding of all the various aspects that go into the making of a computer game, this is the course for you.


    The Professional Diploma in Digital Art & Design is an ideal program for students wanting to break in to the Digital Art and Design Industry. The program exposes students to various aspects within 3D Digital Art and Design, ranging from fine art principles, aesthetic value, Industry relevant software, tools and workflow to help understand professional quality levels and Industry expectation.

    Successful graduates of the Professional Diploma in Digital Art and Design will have the exposure and skill needed to plug in to Animation and VFX studios.


    The Professional Diploma in Animation is a well rounded one year program structured thoughtfully in consultation with leading Animation and Game studios. The program takes students, right from teaching principles of animation to professional workflow processes expected in studios today.

    Successful graduates of the Professional Diploma will possess the needed exposure and skill to create 2D and 3D animations for Animation and Video Games.


    Certificates programs are a compact and focused program to rapidly ramp up students with the required skills to enter the Industry . In addition to introducing students to the world of 3D digital art, product and architectural visualisation, it exposes students to Industry relevant software. Students entering this program need to have prior working knowledge of digital art and relevant software. In case you are new to Digital art, contact us to know more on how you could take up this program.

    On successful completion of the program, students have the option to continue their learning further to a professional level within Digital Art and Design.

    If you are interested in Digital Art and Animation, yet unsure if it's the career for you, this short certificate program might be the right one.


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    • "The teachers, with their diverse experience and vigilant support were incredibly beneficial in strengthening my experience as a student and have prepared me to handle any situation or challenge that has come my way."
      -Jesto Jose
    • "I was proud to be an AIGAN and now also I feel proud to be an EX-AIGAN. One thing I want to say that the path I have achieved through AIGA is a nice route to get my destiny. The success of AIGANS in this field are specially-world class faculties and industry equivalent equipments and more..."

      -Uzzal Burgohain

    • "As a student coming from abroad, personally I'm having a great time here at AIGA. If you're serious into Game Design there is so much to learn and the dedicated teaching staff will always help you along the way, all the people have been amazingly friendly."

      -Joert Edink

    • "Aiga is an excellent place to enter this unique industry where passion meets profession. Excellent faculty and facilities always ready to support the students' needs. Course is well planned to introduce 2d and 3d software even without prior experience. Overall, it's a great place to start."

      -Prashanth D.G

    • "I made the right choice by joining here. It's a real professional environment with very well-knowledge trainers."

      -Abhishek Nagpal
      Uttar Pradesh

    • "AIGA has made this field more enjoyable by providing knowledge about the internal work of Gaming. The teachers and facilities are better than I could have expected alongside the immensely personalized attention in nurturing interest and improving work.

      -Stuart D'sa

    • " When I started my study at AIGA , I didn't know anything even 3d Max, my Indian friends and teachers at AIGA helped me, My Indian life at AIGA is unforgettable. I shall put my shoulder to the wheel to make my dreams come true as a 3d Artist. I wish you have a dream and it comes true at AIGA also!!"

      South Korea

    • "In total it a brilliant Institute to start off one's career ,excellent faculty , good collection of books and PDF's in the Library and refined training schemes.

      -Sanjeev Bhattacharjee

    • "I have finally come to AIGA to discover the richness in the world of games so as to be part of it and to be the best by doing things in right way and by working very hard."

      -Umeed Thapa
      West Bengal

    • "AIGA is a really good learning environment . It's very comfortable and the Lab especially is a place where knowledge is shared and spread easily."

      -Swati Srikumar

    • "I think AIGA is the best place for gamers like me and the knowledge we gain from it is outstanding. I feel that finally I am in the right place where I belong. AIGA is going to be the best among the gaming Industry."

      -Shiva Kumar K

    • "My experience in AIGA is really great thus far. It shapes and moulds the students at the quality levels of International standard. Besides, my career, I came to know how important time management, punctuality and hard working is."


    • "AIGA was a really nice experience, got to learn so many things along with my friends from different places. The faculty at AIGA are just 'Great'. No matter how many questions we ask they always explained with a sweet smile. AIGA's been like a second home for me"

      -Rinchen Eden Bhutia

    • "The faculty at AIGA are very good and helpful, I like the environment here also the Lab-systems provided to us."

      -Sunil Timilsina

    • "Aiga course transforms a student to a professional because of the quality of the course and the teaching faculty's experience. If you are looking for gaming profession this is the place to be."

      -Melvin Xavier

    • "AIGA-Transforms your passion for Gaming into reality-And that's what they did for me and gave me a great exposure to the Industry, as well as an understanding of development of Games and an insight to the actual working of a studio. really proud to have been a student here."

      -Deepa M Nambiar

    • "Aiga is the place to go if u want to make gaming your career. Every time I step into the classroom or the lab, there is always something new to learn which made more creative. The course is up to date with what is happening in the gaming world. "

      -Lambha Raynold

    • "AIGA was a crossroad for me, which catapulted me into the gaming industry and made a proud Game Artist. They have some of the most experienced gaming veterans as faculty, who are constantly updated to help you adapt to the newest trends in the industry."

      -Melvin Phillip

    • "AIGA was the best thing that happened to me. The faculty are always so welcoming, kind and caring and have catered to every problem I faced while learning."

      Tamil Nadu

    • "The tasks given in AIGA are great as they push us as Game Artists to do better and that keeps us a step ahead as we enter this amazing industry."

      -Naveen B

    • "I would love to share my experience at AIGA. Studying in AIGA has been a fun and interesting experience; it was the best one year I had fun playing games and enjoyed learning . The faculties in AIGA are just awesome and friendly, they aspire me in my learning at at aiga."

      -Dorjee Domalepcha

    • "AIGA is a very student friendly, resource healthy and knowledgeable Institute. I've been to so many places and done an extensive research on Game Art Institutes across the country, and if I were to study the Game Art course again I would gladly join all over again."

      -Jay Mehta

    • "AIGA's unique ambience makes its environment different and work further more interesting. AIGA provides and unlimited knowledge flow throughout the course with talented peers and lecturers.


    • "AIGA is one of the most reputed game institutes in India, Infrastructure is the best I have seen till now. Specially designed class schedules for starters as well as professionals. One of the best things about AIGA is it hosts Game Developer Community, so we can have a constant update from the industry."

      -Sushmit Pal
      West Bengal

    • "I am so happy & lucky that I studied and learnt so many things in AIGA. AIGA gave me everything about Gaming. Today, wherever I stand, I would like to thank the whole of AIGA."

      -Dhawal Tamakuwala

    • "I got to learn so many things about Game Design and it's the best place to learn about Game Design in India. The faculty here are very experienced in this Industry, am very proud to be a part of the 'AIGA family'."

      -Yogesh R

    • "AIGA is the BEST of the Best for those who love to make their Career in Games with the best faculty who mentor the students to be the best ones who enter the Gaming Industry."

      -Praveen B N